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Music and Dance Recitals in Harahan, River Ridge, New Orleans, LA at the River Ridge School of Music and Dance


All music and dance students are given numerous opportunities each year to share their talents with their fellow students and the general public.


Christmas Recital - is held in December of each year at the Nunemkaer Auditorium on the campus of Loyola University New Orleans. All music students are invited each year to perform in this holiday event.


LAAPAFEST - is a music festival held between February and April each year at the River Ridge School of Music & Dance.


Students who have been studying their instrument(s) for at least one year and consistently receive "Superior" and/or "Excellent" ratings in their weekly lessons are encouraged by their instructor(s) to participate. These students prepare a solo piece from memory and perform in front of a panel of three judges to receive constructive technical commentary as well as an overall ratings.


Honors Recital - the LAAPAFEST judges select 25 "Superior" rated music festival participants each year to perform in this special concert.


Spring Recital - is held each June and open to all students. This is our largest production of the year. Music students may select and memorize a solo piece, prepare and score musical compositions, rehearse duets with fellow students, practice with their accompanists, etc. Dance students prepare selections with their classes in a variety of themes, styles, and costumes.


All students attend weekly rehearsals where they receive additional tips and training from the School Directors prior to the event. All students are eligible to receive a variety of different certificate and trophy awards during the awards presentation immediately following the Spring Recital.


Due to our large student base, we hold between 4-6 separate recitals each Spring which last approximately 2 hours each including awards.

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