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Music Lessons for All Ages in New Orleans, LA


Brass/Woodwinds (ages 9-adult)


Lessons are offered in the most common brass/woodwind instruments at our school which include flute, clarinet, saxophones, trumpet, french horn, trombone, baritone, and tuba. Private lessons are an excellent way for students in elementary and high school band programs to sharpen their skills to make their ensembles sound at their best.


Composition/Music Theory (ages 13-adult)


Private Composition and Music Theory lessons are available outside of/in addition to the group theory classes that are available free of charge to all currently enrolled music students. Students are taught the fundamentals of music theory/notation and study and analyze the music of master composers. Students additionally learn to bring their own ideas to life and score their own music. As with all of our programs, student composers may choose the styles of music they wish to study and write.


Drums/Percussion (ages 4-adult)


Beginning drum and percussion students at our school begin lessons on a single snare drum and gradually work their way up to the full drum set. Intermediate and Advanced students may choose to study a variety of different styles including jazz, rock, latin, funk, reggae, etc.


Lessons are held in our drum lab where both the teacher and student have their own instruments along with a complete mini sound system for listening to and learning to play along with recordings.


Ensembles (ages 9-adult)


Our Jazz Ensemble, Choirs, String Ensemble, and Rock Bands are open to all students by recommendation from his/her private instructor. Several groups meet each week and students are placed in each group based on age and levels of experience. All of our ensemble programs are additionally open to anyone by audition. The ensembles performances are always a highlight of the recitals each semester!


Guitar (ages 6-adult)


Guitar lessons are available to students in a variety of different course methods (Mel Bay, Berklee), levels beginning-advanced, and styles (Classical, Jazz, Rock, Contemporary Christian, etc.) Students will be encouraged to learn to read both standard and tab notations in addition to developing their ability to play by ear. Students are welcome to bring in recordings of their favorite guitarists to listen to, transcribe, and learn.


Piano (ages 5-adult)


Piano lessons at our school are available in many styles for beginning-advanced students. Our instructors use a variety of different traditional methods for beginning students such as "Alfred, Faber & Faber, Schaum, Bastien" just to name a few. As the student progresses, the Instructor is able to develop a sense of the style(s) of music that he/she finds most enjoyable and motivating.


Methods for the "Older Beginner" are also widely used not only at our school, but internationally for adult students. Adult piano students may additionally choose to work on learning how to read lead sheets and chords from their favorite fakebooks, church hymns, and more. (Even More Information)


Preschool Music (ages birth-4 yrs.)


Our preschool music program focuses on the early introduction to music and development of the whole child in a fun and stimulating environment.


Classes are held each week on Saturdays and meet from 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM and 10:45 AM - 11:30 AM. Classes are held in small groups with a maximum of 10-12 students in each class to ensure that the proper individual attention is given to each student.


Topics include song, dance, pitch, rhythm, age-appropriate vocabulary, creative play, and group ensemble performance.


Parents attend the entire class with the child through age 3. At age 3-4, parents attend the last 15 minutes of each class.


Summer Camp (ages 5-16)


Each July, our summer camps offer students at beginning-advanced levels the opportunity to explore up to 5 different programs of interest each day of camp. The camp is perfect for beginning students who love music but are unsure of their specific area of interest and want to try out many different programs and instruments to see what they like the best.


The camp is also a great way for current, experienced students to receive additional intensive training in their instruments/programs or to perhaps try something new as well.


Summer Camps at the River Ridge School of Music & Dance are sponsored by the Louisiana Academy of Performing Arts. For more information or to register, please visit


Violin/Strings (ages 4-adult)


Violin lessons at our school begin as early as age 4. Lessons in Viola, Cello, and Doublebass are available beginning at age 8 due to the size of the instruments. The String Faculty at the River Ridge School of Music & Dance use a hybrid method which combines the ease of learning to play via the Suzuki method with learning to properly read music notation via other methods such as "All For Strings". Parents are encouraged to attend the lesson with students at age 4.


Lessons are additionally available for country, fiddle, jazz, etc.


Voice (ages 5-adult)


Lessons for young singers at our school place an emphasis in pitch recognition/matching, light warm-ups and exercises, and fun children's style repertoire such as "Disney" and other familiar tunes. Great care is taken to avoid exercises and repertoire for which the vocal chords are not yet ready until they have more fully matured between ages 11-13.


Students ages 12-adult study a wide range of repertoire, excercises, etudes, broadway musicals, jazz/pop selections, and more.

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